Things to look out for as you look for a conference center

Choosing a conference center can be a daunting task. Apart from looking at the features of a good conference center, there is need to visit the venue in person. Obviously, you would already have received a response from the venue owners. Here are some of the things to look out for when you make a visit to the venue:

  • The kind of welcome you get from the reception of the conference center and you sales representatives. You need to consider that your delegates will likely be greeted in the same way.

  • Is the conference room clean, well-kept, and tidy?

  • Does the conference center have a car park? If yes, does it have any free space? Will you have to pay for the parking?

  • How do the staff at the conference center behave? Are the staff friendly, welcoming, and warm?

  • Do you think the conference room and its facilities meet your specific needs?

  • Does the conference center have space outdoors for use during breaking sessions?

  • Will you be able to have meals close to the conference room? You need to meet the chef to have a sample of the food. You also get the opportunity to discuss the possible menu before you even book the conference center.

Well, The Abbey Hotel should leave you satisfied you are going to have a great conference.

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